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Hello. I’m Danny, and I’m a Foley Artist. Based in Manchester, I use an ever-growing collection of props to build bespoke soundscapes in sync to picture. I quite literally fell feet first into this mystical craft, and I haven’t been able to look back since.

Originally I trained as a musician, composing, performing, and producing music primarily as a percussionist, but with a passion for creating ambient guitar loops and generative soundscapes. I stumbled across the world of foley while studying Music Production at the University Of Central Lancashire. I immediately fell in love with the craft. It has since become a genuine passion for me to hone and develop my skills as an artist and editor. As I embark on this journey, I hope to grow as a Foley Artist and as a Post-Production Sound Engineer, expanding my Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects Editing, Sound Design, and Mixing capabilities.

I’m a regular collaborator with Freshrb, in particular on their Silent Elephant Projects. Producing sounds for Short Films and Documentaries that raise awareness for marginalized health conditions. In 2019, I officially joined the team as an Audio Production Consultant. I oversee a project’s soundscape throughout each stage of its production. In my role, I’m responsible for capturing location sound and field recordings alongside a plethora of audio post services.

Four facts about me:

  1. When I’m not recordings sounds, I’m most likely flailing around on a football pitch. I play as the goalkeeper in my local Sunday league team.
  2. With a lot of help from my Dad, I’ve built my own tuned percussion. So far we’ve created a slate lithophone and an oak marimba.
  3. I once ate an 8 scoop ice cream in one sitting while travelling around Tokyo. Each scoop was a different flavour (Strawberry, Coffee, Milk, Chocolate, Matcha, Banana, Grape, and Ramune Soda), and they were all amazing.
  4. I hope to one day have a sausage dog. Either named Richmond or Frank (short for Frankfurter).

. . .

I’m always looking to collaborate and meet new people. If you would like to work together, please email me at danny@dbjones.co.uk or via the contact form.

A huge thank you to Livy Hilton (Photography), Kat Agg (Character Design), Paul Jardine (Web Design), and Rachel Cook (Lettering Art).

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  • Loupe Resolve (2019).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Gradino Agency.
  • Genesis Trust (2019).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Gradino Agency.
  • Loupe View (2018).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Gradino Agency.


  • Take Time To Breathe (2021).

    Audio Production Consultant. Freshrb (SEP).
  • Lullaby Motel (2021).

    Foley Artist. Dissolve Audio.
  • Malfy Gin // Blood Orange (2020).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Coolbox.
  • One Day At A Time (2019).

    Foley Artist. Dissolve Audio.
  • In Their Eyes (2019).

    Audio Production Consultant. Freshrb (SEP).
  • Sends Noods // The 5 Second Stir Fry (2019).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Coolbox.
  • I Am Because We Are (2019).

    Sound Recordist. Foley Artist. Freshrb. Contact Theatre.
  • Why ME? (2019).

    Audio Production Consultant. Freshrb (SEP).
  • Chase (2019).

    Foley Artist. Percussionist. Dissolve Audio.
  • Pop By (2019).

    Foley Artist. Dissolve Audio.
  • Just Hanging Out (2018).

    Sound Recordist. Dissolve Audio.
  • LUX Rewards (2018).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. GadgetLine Films.


  • Calm Forest (2017).

    Foley / Sound Effect Artist. Composer. Steph McStea.
  • All Out Of Spark (2017).

    Composer. Michael Stones. Joshua Hartley.
  • Watts Human? (2015).

    Composer. UCLan Games Jam.


  • Shadowlands (2017).

    Foley Artist (Live). Whitefield Garrick Theatre.
  • The Thrill Of Love (2017).

    Foley Artist (Live). Rossendale Players.
  • The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice (2013).

    Foley Artist (Live). Percussionist. Summerseat Players.
  • Murder By Misadventure (2012).

    Foley Artist (Live). Composer. Summerseat Players.


Very professional and very adept as a sound recordist, foley artist and designer. It was a pleasure to work with Danny and will definitely work with him again. Oladamola Babalola (Mr. Babz). CEO, Social Entrepreneur and Film Director at Freshrb C.I.C.
Daniel is an extremely efficient when it comes to anything audio based. While I worked with Daniel, he displayed skills such as audio editing, foley and sound design. All of his work is to a high standard and is always produced on time. Lucy Butler. Lead Creative at Monkey Ears Media.
I have worked with Danny on a few projects now and he has always delivered. He has a great ear and sense of performance and timing in his foley work. Looking forward to more working on more projects in future! Brian Lane. Sound Editor/Designer & Composer at Dissolve Audio.
Absolute joy working with Daniel. Very creative, professional and a great problem-solver. Kondwani Chirwa. Director | Health Storytelling | Video Production Workshops | Film Editor | Cinematography at Freshrb C.I.C.
Danny absolutely nailed the sound recording and sound design of the short film that we worked on together. I would easily work with him again on another film. Dave Perkins. Senior Designer at Hullo Creative

Clients & Collaborators.

I'm always looking to collaborate.

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